No risk to public safety after damage found in around two dozen Kaikoura quake-affected Wellington buildings

Invasive testing on 80 Wellington buildings has revealed about a third suffered damage in the Kaikoura earthquake, but the city council says there's no risk to public safety.

Crowds are gathering behind the cordon as the building's demolition continues. Source: Breakfast

Eighteen building owners have been granted an extension after failing to meet last Friday's deadline. 

The Wellington City Council ordered the reports from the owners of 80 buildings built on soft soils that have four to 15 floors, reinforced-concrete structures, pre-cast floors and flexible design following the damage sustained by similar buildings in the Kaikoura quake.

A Wellington inventor has come up with a design for an earthquake desk he says could save lives. Source: 1 NEWS

The council will not be releasing any of the engineers reports.