No rats, stoats or possums: Documentary sheds light on Predator Free 2050 vision

A documentary airing on TVNZ on Saturday will shine a spotlight on the mahi already underway to achieve Predator Free 2050

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Documentary coming to TVNZ looks at mahi already underway to try and achieve Predator Free 2050 Source: Breakfast

It is a vision to see Aotearoa free of rats, stoats and possums.

The driving question behind the documentary, Fight for the Wild, is whether Predator Free 2050 is achievable. 

Director Peter Young told Breakfast regardless of whether the country can achieve the goal, "it's an amazing journey for this nation to go on". 

He described the documentary as an "incredibly important story" to tell. 

"I think it's something that's going to shed a lot of light for New Zealanders just about how critical our wildlife is out there."

Young was joined by Predator Free 2050 chief executive Abbie Reynolds, who said she was "optimistic" about the vision being achieved. 

"The Kiwis involved in this are so passionate and it's their drive I think that keeps this movement going and alive."

Fight for the Wild consists of four, 1-hour episodes and airs on TVNZ 7.30pm Saturday. 

It is airing on RNZ from today. 

There is also a complementary podcast series.