No politics, helmets, selfie sticks or chairs (and lots more!) - read Coldplay's long list of banned items for their concert in Auckland




The upcoming Coldpay concert in Auckland comes with a lengthy list of no-nos, including a ban on selfie sticks, studded belts and umbrellas.

Coldplay on stage in 2009

Coldplay on stage in 2009.

Source: Nababan/Creative Commons

Mt Smart Stadium will host the band tomorrow night, but punters are being warned they'll be disappointed if they try to bring any of the items on a lengthy list.

Additional requirements include removing the lid from any water bottles upon entry, and only bringing home-made food.

Chairs or stools are banned, as are any signs or banners deemed to be political.

Those hoping to get an epic selfie of themselves among a sea of fellow fans will be dismayed to find out that selfie sticks are also banned.

Here's the full list of banned items:

Backpacks or bags larger than 30cm x 40cm

Video cameras or recording devices

Selfie sticks

Cans or glass of any kind

Alcohol or illicit drugs

Branded or commercial food and drinks, including takeaways

Metal utensils, cutlery, etc

Chilly bins

Dangerous goods

Fireworks, flares, lasers or flash lights

Offensive weapons including, but not limited to, any object that may be used as a projectile such as glow sticks, balls, containers, etc

Air horns or loud hailers

Umbrellas or other sun/rain shelters

Furniture chairs or stools

Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles or scooters

Animals (excluding service dogs such as guide dogs and police or emergency service dogs)

Political banners and signs

Lasers/laser pens

Crash helmets

Large spiked/studded belts or bracelets

Any other items deemed by Stadium management or the promoter to be illegal, dangerous or a nuisance to yourself or others

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