No more corporate freebies for Green MPs as they announce transparency measures

Green Party co-leader James Shaw today announced two new transparency measures to "counter the influence of money in politics."

At Pukemokimoki Marae in Napier, Mr Shaw announced the measures which will apply to ministers, MPs and staff, to hold the party to a "higher standard".

Mr Shaw said that he’ll be making his ministerial diary public, alongside Jan Logie, Eugenie Sage and Julie-Anne Genter.

"That means that our members, the public, and yes – the media – will know who has met us, and when, and what the purpose was of that meeting," he said.

Similar practices are observed in UK and Australian state parliaments and is a first in New Zealand, he said.

"It's an important step to keeping politics honest".

Secondly, the party co-leader announced that Green MPs, ministers and staff will not except corporate hospitality.

They'll pay full price for their tickets or meetings, he said. The party will avoid hospitality that does not relate to areas of their work.

He called some corporation’s invitations to theatre, corporate box, or other such events problematic because they're "not actually free".

Mr Shaw called such actions the "purchasing of political power".

He said members can still accept invitations to events involving their work, but will need to pay the full price.

"Preserving the status quo isn’t really what we’re about," he said.

Female co-leader candidates Julie-Anne Genter and Marama Davidson will take to the stage at the co-leader candidate session tomorrow.

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