'No medium like it in the world' - Weta reveals groundbreaking mixed-reality computing game

In an unassuming office block in Wellington, a group of super-brains from special effects masters Weta Workshop are creating technology which could change our future.

Known for its work on Hollywood blockbusters, Weta has now teamed up with US tech company Magic Leap to build a ground-breaking mixed-reality computing game.

"It is as cutting edge as a piece of technology can be in the world," Sir Richard Taylor, Weta creative director, told Seven Sharp.

The game centres on the title character Dr Grordbort set in an intergalactic realm across many planets.

"It is poking fun at the buffoonery of aristocratic England of that period, in the way they have gone out trying to colonise countries across our planet, subjugating indigenous people in a highly inappropriate way," Sir Richard said. 

It's the brainchild of game developer Greg Broadmore.  

For years he has been designing Dr Grordbort art and collectibles. But more recently the head of Magic Leap approached Mr Broadmore to make a flagship game for the release of the company's super high-tech head set.

"Imagine you can see Dr Grordbort in your house, and you can look down and you can see a ray gun in your hands, and you'll be able to shoot your walls," Mr Broadmore said.

The request led to a team of more than 50 working in Wellington developing the mixed-reality game.

We will see Avatars of ourselves with AI capabilities - Sir Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

Sir Richard says it's not screen technology, and even virtual reality is screen technology, involving putting a screen in front of your eyes.

"This is actually delivering images through your eye onto your optical cortex. So it's actually blending images that are generated digitally or captured from the real world, into your own vision. There is no medium like it in the world at this point."

Sir Richard says it is how we'll interact with each other eventually.

"We will see avatars of ourselves with AI capabilities, where you're having a conversation with people on the other side of the planet but  you don't need to fly to see them."

The console does not come cheap, at about $3400.

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    The technology is so cutting edge it's even baffling the game's developers. Source: Seven Sharp