No live pilot whales found today following Golden Bay stranding

No live pilot whales have been found today at Farewell Spit in Golden Bay after two consecutive days where a pod of whales stranded themselves.

Specialist equipment was being used yesterday to refloat stranded whales in Golden Bay. Source: Project Jonah/Facebook

The Department of Conservation said in a statement that nearby beaches were also checked, with no live whales being found.

“It is hoped the pilot whales that spent yesterday swimming offshore from Farewell Spit have made their way out to sea,” DOC’s statement read.

Forty whales stranded in Golden Bay successfully refloated

Dead whales from the stranding over the past two days remain on the spit and a couple were on other beaches.

“DOC rangers are working to move the dead whales to place them in a pit in an area of Farewell Spit away from public use. Manawhenua ki Mohua iwi representatives will say a karakia for the dead whales,” the statement read.

On Monday, forty whales were re-floated after stranding, with nine whales dying.

Pod of pilot whales strand in Golden Bay today after being re-floated yesterday

Yesterday, 28 pilot whales were re-floated after stranding themselves again on Farewell Spit, a narrow sand spit at the norther of Golden Bay.