'No family should go through this' - Christchurch dad fights to make road safer after daughters' deaths

A solo Canterbury dad who lost both his daughters in a horrific crash just weeks before Christmas will hand over a petition to the local council tomorrow in a bid to make the road safer.

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The teenagers were killed in a fiery crash in the Port Hills in November. Source: 1 NEWS

Jason Alexander’s daughters were passengers in a car that crashed on the Summit Road at Christchurch's Port Hills on November 27.

His eldest daughter, 18-year-old Tayla, died on impact. Sunmara died 16 days later in Auckland Hospital, on her 16th birthday.

“I miss them so much. They were my best mates,” Mr Alexander told 1 NEWS.

“What I went through was heartbreaking and it’s not a matter of if, but when, and no family should go through this."

His petition calling for safety barriers and restricted access has already gained more than 6000 signatures. 

The speed limit was reduced from 100km/h to 60km/h last year, but Mr Alexander doesn’t think it goes far enough.

“I think for our youth it’s the thrill of the danger, the adrenaline rush and a chance to show off,” he said.

In a statement, police told 1 NEWS the road is patrolled regularly with a focus on driver behaviour. 

They believe the road is fit for purpose, so long as motorists follow the rules and drive to the conditions.

The petition will be presented at the Christchurch City Council meeting tomorrow.