No community cases of Covid-19 in NZ today, one in isolation and one historical case

There are two new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand today, the Ministry of Health has confirmed. 

A health worker checks a swab at a Covid-19 testing station. Source: Getty

One of today's new cases is in a managed isolation facility, while the other is a historical case identified via contact tracing. 

There were no new cases in the community today.

The imported case was man in his 30s who returned from Russia via the United Arab Emirates on 21 September. He tested positive on his third day test.

The historical case was tested after being linked to a charter flight from Christchurch to Auckland where three family members since tested positive, however the new case had previously tested negative on both their day 12 and day three test in managed isolation.

All remaining passengers on the flight have now been tested except a young child. There is one test pending, but otherwise all remaining tests have come back negative.

The Ministry of Health said there were just two people in hospital as of today, with one each in Auckland City and North Shore hospitals. Neither were in intensive care.

Today, one person also recovered from the illness, bringing the total number of active cases is 62, of which 30 are in managed isolation and 31 are from out in the community.

Since August 11, only seven remaining close contacts which have been identified by the Ministry of Health are still being contacted.

New Zealand’s total confirmed number of Covid-19 cases is 1475.