'No brewing' – water contamination issue forces Dunedin's famous Emerson's to halt beer making


Over 2500 homes and businesses remain on a boil water notice in Dunedin this evening.

More than 2500 homes and businesses remain on a boil water notice, including the popular brewery.
Source: 1 NEWS

One of those affected businesses is the city's famous craft brewer Emerson's, with production coming to a complete stop as the water notice remains in full effect.

Emerson's say although the disruption is unwelcome, they’re certain no beer would be brewed with dirty water.

The company's general manager Chris O’Leary maintained any product brewed before the city's water issue is safe.

“Anything that went out before Monday is good as gold, so the safest thing to do is to drink beer”.

The water regulation comes after a botched drainage operation at a city reservoir affected the area’s water system.

The first test results from the jeopardised water network are expected back shortly with council officials confident, but not certain, that there won't be a repeat of Monday’s mishap.

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