Nits outbreak has parents scratching heads for effective solution

With head lice currently rife in schools and kindergartens, is there a way to rid your children's scalps of the nasty infestations for good?

Julie from KidsCan reveals the best nit removal advice, and it’s a lot simpler than you may think. Source: Breakfast

The answer is yes, says Julia Haydon-Carr from KidsCan. 

"The power is in the comb," she says.

"Any products that help the comb through the hair easily, such as condition, is key."

The particularly muggy weather is ideal living conditions for head lice, the reason behind the outbreak being at an all-time high.

Parents should feel empowered to take over the issue themselves and education is key, says Ms Haydon-Carr 

"There are more wives tales about nits than there are about any other health problem," she told Breakfast.

"It's just about about keeping vigilant and checking children's hair often."