Nine-year-old 'can't get her head around' why anyone would smash her pony manure stall

A Northland mother says her nine-year-old daughter can't get her head around why anyone would smash up her roadside stall where she sold pony manure.

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Skye Stevenson was shocked to see the horrible mess at the end of her drive on Sunday. Source: Seven Sharp

Skye Stevenson has been shovelling pony droppings into bags since the start of the year, and selling it at a competitive price at the end of her driveway at Waipapa near Kerikeri, Seven Sharp reported. 

But when the family arrived home on Sunday they discovered a horrible mess.

The wooden stand and sign asking for a gold coin payment was smashed.

"I mean, I understand people get bored, but why people want to break it?" Skye's Mum, Chantelle Stevenson, asked on Seven Sharp.

She said Skye has had horse poo taken from the stall in the past, and she understands that.

"But to smash it up, she can't get her head around that one."

It was Chantelle and her niece who came across the vandalised stall on Sunday.

"So we fixed it up as best we could into a pile, and came down and told Skye the bad news," Chantelle said.

Skye said she felt "sad and disappointed" when she found out her stall had been damaged.

The entrepreneurial nine-year-old started selling oranges, and used the money to buy a pony.

She then expanded into pony poo so she could use the cash to buy horse supplies, and her business was booming until someone destroyed it.

While Skye wants to know who could do such a thing, Seven Sharp might help her get back in business.

Co-host Hilary Barry told Skye: "We'll se what we can do, because we have some lovely, lovely viewers. And I suspect, Skye, that they will see this story and they will want to help you out. So we'll be in touch."