Nikki Kaye confirms National reshuffle, stays mum on future of Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett

National's new deputy leader Nikki Kaye has confirmed the party will announce a reshuffle today, but she wouldn't comment on the future of former leader Simon Bridges and former deputy Paula Bennett within the party.

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The new deputy leader didn't give away whether or not she would keep her education portfolio. Source: Breakfast

On Friday, National elected Todd Muller as leader and Nikki Kaye as deputy in place of Mr Bridges and Ms Bennett. It came after months of whispers of dissatisfaction with the former leader's performance.

Last week, a disastrous 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll result saw National drop to its lowest support since 2003, plunging 17 percentage points to 29 per cent. Mr Bridges’ preferred PM result dropped six percentage points to 5 per cent, and his approval rating also fell to -40.

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Today’s coup came after disastrous results for the party. Source: 1 NEWS

Today on TVNZ1's Breakfast, Ms Kaye said there will be announcements today on who will be doing what within the party, but when pressed about the future of Mr Bridges and Ms Bennett she wouldn't give anything away.

"I think Paula and Simon have given an amazing contribution so far in politics. Again, I want to leave any announcements in that area up to the leader but also to Paula and Simon," she told Breakfast host John Campbell.

"They have contributed over a long period of time and they deserve the respect and dignity to work that through with the leader and make announcements as appropriate."

Ms Kaye also wouldn't confirm if she was keeping her education portfolio.

"I don't want to get ahead of the leader. When he makes his announcements the public will know that."

Campbell also asked why she herself didn't run for leader of the party, having more experience in politics than Mr Muller.

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The Bay of Plenty MP took over this afternoon after ousting Simon Bridges as National’s leader. Source: 1 NEWS

But Ms Kaye credited the new leader for his experience in business and leadership and said there had been discussions "for a long time" about him being leader.

"In my view he's going to be a fantastic Prime Minister and I absolutely support him to get there over the line in September."

Her comments came after earlier on Breakfast, professor of politics and director of the Public Policy Institute at the University of Auckland Jennifer Curtin talked about why she wasn't in the leader role.

"Perhaps she didn't put her name forward for leader," she said. "She may not have that desire, but also we know now from all the various stories that have come out over the weekend that Muller has wanted this and been active in pursuing this for quite some time now, so it's really not surprising."

Ms Curtin added, "He's made good choices, though, having Nikki Kaye with him. Otherwise he would have looked too conservative.

"We know that a combination of Todd Muller doesn't look the same as Bridges and Bennett, so there is a shift and it looks like a broader reach of leadership if you think about Kaye as being urban liberal and Muller wrapping up that conservative, traditional, rural sector. So between them they probably cover a broader range of centrist voters than perhaps the leadership did before."