'A nightmare and accident waiting to happen' - Wellingtonians blast new $1.7m cycleway

Wellingtonians are claiming an unusual lay out and unsafe lanes are some of the reasons a controversial and nearly $2 million new cycleway is being snubbed by cyclists.

The Island Bay cycleway has been overwhelmingly criticised by locals, who say they are not being listened to. Source: 1 NEWS

"It's just an accident waiting to happen, there's not enough room for the cyclists and pedestrians together," Vicki Greco of the Island Bay Residents Association said.

"A nightmare, lack of consultation, not listening more importantly, it's always been 85 per cent of people have not wanted this cycleway, it's now increased, but sadly what they've done is put people off cycling."

Wellington City councillor Paul Eagle is also pushing to change the Island Bay to City Cycleway.

"We've had 1800 residents and thousands of Wellingtonians saying 'this is a mess, fix it'. They want new consultation," he said.

A review of the cycleway by the New Zealand Transport Agency is due next week, while an engineers' safety audit is expected in a few months.

Brendon Bonner, who is running for the Southern Ward in this year's local body elections, earlier told ONE News he noticed packs of cyclists not using the cycleway when driving home from the gym on May 21.

"I was expecting them to carry onto Owhiro Bay but they turned right heading into Island Bay. [I] expect[ed] them to turn left and onto the cycleway but instead they carr[ied] on and they go up Clyde Street which runs parallel to the Island Bay Parade."

He filmed the incident and said the pack were "purposefully avoiding" the $1.7 million cycleway and also allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign.

Brendon Bonner. Source: Supplied

"And was all the fuss that's been generated worth it?"

According to the Wellington City Council website the Island Bay to City Cycleway was built to make it "easier and safer for people on bikes to get around Island Bay".

"The improvements will form part of a future cycleway from the city to the southern suburbs," the council stated.

However, Mr Bonner wondered why cyclists appeared to be avoiding the new lanes.

"All I can think is that they like the cycleway as much as most people in Island Bay do, which is not at all."