Night-mare on Omana Ave: Auckland police rein in escaped horse on quiet suburban street

Counties-Manukau police reined in an escaped horse on a quiet suburban street in Auckland over the weekend.

Counties-Manukau Police officers with a mare which hoofed it out of her property in Epsom, Auckland. Source: 1 NEWS

Police posted on Facebook about the unusual occurrence, as well as sharing a few pictures of their officers horsing around.

The mare was first seen on Omana Avenue in Epsom in the early hours of Saturday morning, and responding police initially went door to door asking neigh-bours whether it was theirs - to no avail.

Realising they would be saddled with the responsibility of caring for the horse until its owners were found, police called in the cavalry - in the form of Animal Control - who brought a van to try to take the horse to a safe place.

The van proved too small, so police harnessed the resources of a local pony club, and a float was arranged to take the horse safely to a paddock.

About 3.30am, police received a call from an Epsom resident from another street saying they were missing a horse, and she was returned to her owner later that morning without a hitch.