Nicotine e-cigarettes 'just another ploy by tobacco companies' -Tariana Turia

Nicotine products for vaping will be legalised by next year, but former politician and health campaigner Tariana Turia says the addiction will still be there.

There will be strict rules around the accessibility of the product when it becomes legal in 2018. Source: 1 NEWS

The government announced today it is moving to legalise the products, which have long been sold illegally by retailers unsure of their requirements, or bought online from overseas sites.

Research indicates that the products are much healthier than tobacco cigarettes, because they only contain nicotine and water vapor.

Many have hailed the move, but Ms Turia said the nicotine content was still a downside.

"I think it's just another ploy by the tobacco companies. they've still got nicotine in them you know to keep people that addicted," she said.

Online retailer Joe Einarsson, who sells vaping liquid, says the move will bring New Zealand law into line with other countries.

"It's been round in Europe for a long time and in America so it's really good to see New Zealand catch up with the rest of the world," he said.

Vaping had definitely helped him to quite smoking cigarettes.

"I actually made a deal with myself - I threw the cigarette pack in the bin and I haven't touched one since ... it really works."

The government says a new group will set quality standards before the law is changed by the end of next year.