Nicky Hager: I'd go to jail before revealing Dirty Politics source

Investigative writer Nicky Hager says he will go to jail rather than reveal the source for his Dirty Politics book.

Cameron Slater and Nicky Hager Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Hager's comment comes after he revealed police had raided his Wellington home for 10 hours as part of an investigation into the hacking of WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater's computer.

Mr Hager says police arrived at his home last Thursday with a warrant and took computers, drivers, phones, CDs, a camera, an iPod and other papers belonging to himself and his family.

He says he did not have any documentation relating to the Dirty Politics book in his home.

Mr Hager told ONE News he is in talks with lawyers following the raid.

He said he expected there would be legal pressure to reveal his source, but says there is no way he will ever co-operate.

When asked if he would go to prison rather than reveal his source, Mr Hager told Fairfax: "It's very unlikely, but if I had to, of course I would."

Mr Slater says he's pleased to see that police are looking into his complaint about his emails being hacked "with such vigour".

Mr Hager used emails and other material hacked from Mr Slater's computer to allege in his book that National Party figures were working with Mr Slater to smear political opponents on his WhaleOil website.

Mr Hager was not home at the time of the raid, and he said yesterday afternoon that he was "confident the police took nothing that will help them with their investigation".

Police said in a statement that computers and related items had been removed from a Wellington address under search warrant as part of the ongoing investigation into the hacking of Mr Slater's emails.