News of Jacinda Ardern's pregnancy makes headlines around the world

Media around the world have been reporting on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford's big pregnancy announcement yesterday.

Ms Ardern says the baby is due this June and her and partner Clarke Gayford found out she was pregnant just six days before Winston Peters made his choice to form a government with Labour.

In the US the New York Times chose to focus on Ms Ardern's famous exchange with Mark Richardson where she told the TV presenter it was "unacceptable" for women in the workplace to have to answer the question of whether or not they planned to have children.

CNN published a long story that included a tweet of congratulations from US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown which read: "Great news @jacindaardern and @NZClarke!! Congrats on your announcement. Exciting news!!!"

In the UK the Telegraph focused on the timing of her pregnancy writing how she "learnt the news just days before she became prime minister-elect following her surprising election result last year".

The Guardian noted that Parliament's Speaker Trevor Mallard has already encouraged a family friendly environment in the House for when Ms Ardern's new addition arrives.

The PM announced today she is pregnant. Source: 1 NEWS

Closer to home Australia's 9NEWS reported how "Jacinda Ardern is pregnant but reluctant to be called a trailblazer" angling their story on quotes from Ms Ardern that she's far from the first woman to juggle work and children.

The item appeared on the BBC evening news in the UK and on Japanese TV. Source: 1 NEWS

Watch: Passenger jet disappears into ominous wall of fog which caused flight cancellations at Wellington Airport

A massive blanket of fog has been captured barrelling into Wellington at "breakneck speed" this morning.

The fog caused some flights to be cancelled at Wellington Airport this morning.

Video of the fog rolling in over Evans Bay was taken by Victoria Gittings at 10am from Hataitai.

She says the fog was coming in at "breakneck speed".

"Never seen anything like it and I have lived here for 40 years," Ms Gittings told 1 NEWS.

She says the video was taken only one kilometre away from the Wellington Airport.

More dramatic footage taken by 1 NEWS shows a passenger jet disappearing into the fog, providing a perfect illustration of why flights were affected today.

1 NEWS has contacted Wellington Airport for details on the number of flights affected and are awaiting a response.

The fog over Evans Bay caused flight delays and cancellations at Wellington Airport this morning. Source: 1 NEWS


Major investment in modernising news coverage sees TVNZ unveil huge new studio screen

TVNZ has unveiled the 17m-long screen which will be the backdrop to its news programmes from Monday.

The screen is made up of 175 LED panels and is not only far bigger than the previous version, it also gets rid of the old lines.

Crews have been working through summer to get the new technology up and running in time for the return of Breakfast on Monday.

TVNZ isn't revealing the cost of the 2.5m-high screen, but does say it's a major investment in modernising news coverage.

TVNZ's Head of News and Current Affairs John Gillespie says: "This is a major change to the way 1 NEWS presents its flagship news and current affairs content - it's a real leap forward with immersive graphics in a contemporary new studio setting. The centrepiece is our massive new new video wall.

"Storytelling is at the heart of these changes. As New Zealand's most watched news, we want to bring you our stories in the most informative and visually impactful way possible.”

He said the move will be followed by the introduction of our new augmented reality graphics next month.

The screen is made up of 175 LED panels and is far bigger than previous version. Source: 1 NEWS