Newly redundant face of TAB Mark Stafford’s tips on how to cope with job loss

It's more than likely that in the coming months things are going to get harder for many people financially as New Zealand starts to see the real impact of Covid-19.

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Stafford is now trying to help others in the same boat as him. Source: Seven Sharp

And unfortunately that means job losses. But what do you say, if anything, to someone who has recently been let go? 

In the harsh reality of the Covid-19 recession, it's likely that everyone in this country knows, or will soon know, someone who's been made redundant.

Mark Stafford has been the face of the TAB for two decades, but this high-profile bookie has now found himself out of a job.

"It hurt a bit at the time, felt pretty bloody awful to be honest," he told Seven Sharp.

"Nothing prepares you for that information, I just went into shock. While you think it might happen, I didn't really truly believe what happened, happened."

Now Mr Stafford is using the power of positive thinking to help those going through something as tough as redundancy.

"I've found a lot of strength in getting myself through this by being strong for others who are going through this, both colleagues and people outside," he says.

"If you can be strong for someone else, it actually builds up your resilience."

Mr Stafford encourages people to celebrate every decision they make.

"A decision's a win. Just make a decision that today, I'm OK with it," he says.

"It's just about making small decisions and celebrate them."