New Zealand's oldest and youngest workers most likely to get hurt on the job

New Zealand's oldest and youngest workers are getting injured the most while on the job.

The latest figures from Statistics NZ show the oldest workers had the highest rate of work-related injury claims in 2017.

Last year there were 190 claims per 1,000 full-time employees who were over the age of 75.

In comparison, the overall rate for all ages was 101 claims per 1000 full-time employees.

"Although working people aged 75 plus made up the smallest age group, with the lowest number of work-related claims, they were almost twice as likely to make a work-related injury claim as all workers," government injury information manager James Clarke said.

Almost a third of work-related claims in the older age group were in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry. 

However, it is not just those in the older age group who are getting injured on the job.

The second-highest rate of work-related claims was in the youngest age group, people aged 15-24 years old.

In 2017, there were 133 claims per 1,000 full-time employees.

The construction industry had the highest proportion of claims for this age group, making up 18 per cent of all their claims.

A total of 231,100 work-related injury claims were made in 2017.

- By Andrew Macfarlane

Source: 1 NEWS