New Zealand's coronavirus total rises to 451, two people in intensive care

The number of coronavirus cases in New Zealand has risen by 83, with 78 new confirmed cases and five new probable cases.

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Two people are in intensive care in hospital, officials said on Saturday. Source: 1 NEWS

It brings the country's total number of cases, both confirmed and probable, to 451, up on 368 yesterday.

All of Government Controller John Ombler and Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management Sarah Stuart-Black gave an update on the numbers and the Government's response to Covid-19 today.

Ms Stuart-Black said 12 people were still in hospital, with two in intensive care and one of those on a ventilator.

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There are 12 coronavirus cases in hospital, three in Wellington Regional Hospital, two in Nelson Hospital, two in Whangārei Base Hospital and one each in Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Dunedin and Greymouth hospitals.

Of those in hospital, three are in Wellington Regional Hospital, two are in Nelson Hospital, two are in Whangārei Base Hospital and one each in Auckland, Waikato, Taranaki, Dunedin and Greymouth hospitals.

There are now 50 people in New Zealand who have recovered from Covid-19.

Taken over a seven day period, the average number of coronavirus tests in New Zealand is 1613.

"Anyone who has been tested is expected to be in strict self-isolation until advised of the result of their test," Ms Stuart-Black said.

"Please be kind to each other. Particularly on social media we're seeing reports of abuse to people with confirmed Covid-19.

"There's a high level of anxiety in the community and it's just not acceptable to be attacking people that have been caught up in the pandemic.

"We want those with the symptoms of Covid-19 to get tested so we can manage this outbreak and recognise the clusters of transmission and stop them from spreading. Please don't make this any harder for people to seek the help that they need to be identified as having Covid-19.

"We need to look out for each other now more than ever to unite against Covid-19."

Mr Ombler said he was pleased with how people had behaved this week amid the first few days of the four-week Government-enforced lockdown.

"It's only two days since we've been living in a new way of life and we're very quickly adapting to that," he said.

Mr Ombler said police had reported most people doing the right thing, but in some instances of people congregating they were spoken to and given advice on what the restrictions mean.

He reiterated people should only go out for essential reasons or for exercise in their local area. People should not be swimming or surfing as if they got into trouble it puts others at risk, and people shouldn't touch surfaces others may touch while out.

"I've heard today that some were playing touch rugby and frisbee in parks. That's just stupid, people need to stop doing that sort of thing. Covid can transfer on a frisbee from one person to another, with touch rugby it's quite obvious.

"Please don't do it, don't be stupid."

People can find more information at the Government's Covid-19 website.