New Zealanders' demand for vets seriously outstripping supply

According to an Auckland vet, demand for animal care is seriously outstripping supply.

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Dr Patrick Foley of Sommerville Veterinary Centre reckons it’s time to talk about it. Source: Seven Sharp

Patrick Foley runs the Somerville Vet Centre, where there's a job going.

"It's a bit of a shock. We've been looking for four months," he told Seven Sharp.

There's no shortage of people wanting to become vets.

Massey University offers a five-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree and says more people apply each year than they have space for.

But many experienced vets are leaving, both urban and rural practice.

"That's the nut of problem - we don't have vets staying in the profession," Dr Foley says.

He believes stress is the main reason many vets don't stick it out.

"The job is hard, it's stressful at times, maybe too stressful, maybe it's like 'I don't need this, maybe I'll do something else', that kind of thing."

Free counselling is available, funded by the New Zealand Vet Association and the Veterinary Council of New Zealand.