New Zealand set to swelter as Australian high heads our way

The sweltering temperatures experienced across the Tasman in the past week are heading our way, and while some have had a taste of what's to come today, it is only set to get warmer.

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Some have had a taste of what's to come today, but it's set to get warmer. Source: 1 NEWS

With temperatures got up to 35 degrees, close to a record for Blenheim with people doing anything to cool off.

It is only a taste of what's to come, spare a thought for Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Central Otago and others, who are all set for five days above 30.

“For Alexandra, usually they only get seven days over 30 in a whole summer, so to get that all in a row is quite unusual,” Lisa Murray of MetService told 1 NEWS.

To make matters worse, it is not going to get much better when the sun goes down.

“It does mean we're going to get hot and muggy nights. A lot of 18 to 22 temperatures, so could make it difficult for sleeping,” Ms Murray said.

The temperatures will mainly affect the country's east coast, helped along by air coming from across the ditch.

“We've got a nice warm air mass which has had time in Australia although we won't see those 45 degrees, thank goodness,” Ms Murray said.

It might not be Australia-level bad, but it is hot enough to cause concern.

“We're going to get more and more extreme conditions throughout the week,” Michael Balmer of Fire Risk Management told 1 NEWS.

Firefighters are on high alert and asking are people to be equally vigilant.

“If anyone notices smoke call 111, if it’s a false alarm it doesn’t matter. The sooner we get resources on the ground the better,” Mr Balmer said.

In Auckland they've already started dampening the roads to keep them from melting.

Councils up and down the country are also urging people to conserve water.

Likewise health officials say people need to take extra care in the heat and to keep an eye out for the elderly and pets.