New Zealand Rich List released - the big winners and losers who are collectively worth over $80 billion

The annual National Business Review Rich List has been released, with 19 newcomers making their way onto the list - the biggest jump since 1995. 

Last year's top rich-lister Graeme Hart's wealth rose $500m to $7.5b, coming in again at number one. 

Recent New Zealand citizen Peter Thiel was a notable newbie, clawing up to the second spot with $3.7 billion to his name. 

Mr Thiel gained citizenship after being in New Zealand for 12 days. 

NBR described the 2017 list as "evidence of diversification" of the economy, with the list sourced from a range of sectors such as technology, aviation, and food production. 

The total value of the Rich List jumped 10 per cent since 2016, worth over $80 billion, with the newcomers worth $6.44 billion collectively. 

NBR editor Duncan Bridgeman said "boom times" had continued for the rich. 

"The rich get richer and the rich are having a really successful period at the moment."

Founder of ANZCO Foods Sir Graeme Harrison made the list with $55 million.

Hamish Kennedy's wealth jumped by $180m to $230m with the sale of fruit-sorting company Comac.

Ian McCrae had the biggest fall, a loss of $225m seeing him drop down to $125million.

Former PM Sir John Key is on the list with $65m.

Top 10 New Zealand Rich Listers

Graeme Hart - $7.5 billion

Peter Thiel - $3.7 billion

Todd Family - $3.5 billion

Richard Chandler - $2 billion

Erceg family - $1.65 billion

Sir Michael Friedlander - $1.6 billion

Goodman family - $1.475 billion

Christopher Chandler - $1.4 billion 

Stephen Jennings - $1.1 billion

Sir Michael Fay - $920 million

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