New Zealand military gets $2.1 billion Budget cash injection

New Zealand’s military is receiving a $2.1 billion cash injection from today’s Budget.

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1 NEWS’ Kimberlee Downs takes a look at what the money will be used for. Source: 1 NEWS

Thirty-five million dollars goes to the Navy while $2 billion goes to four new Posiedon aircraft, to replace the Orion maritime patrol fleet.

"We have high end capabilities that have come to the end of their life and they have to be replaced before they fall out of the sky,"Defence Minister Ron Mark told 1 NEWS.

Another $150 million will be invested in sustaining other military capabilities, which will also help prepare New Zealand Defence Force in delivering humanitarian aid in natural disasters.

Earlier this week National Party leader Simon Bridges criticised Defence spending – city money for tanks, but not for teachers as educators held nationwide strikes calling for better pay and work conditions.

But Defence Minister Ron Mark disagrees, saying, "Defence is responsible for the security and wellbeing of the nation and the people in its realm".