New Zealand Land Wars need to be taught in schools – Wellington historian

Wellington historian and author Vincent O'Malley believes teaching young Kiwi's about the New Zealand Land Wars should be a high priority in our education curriculum.

Vincent O'Malley thinks more should be done to remember learn about the conflicts on our own soil. Source: Breakfast

Speaking to TVNZ's Breakfast today Mr O'Malley said: "It is appropriate on Anzac Day to commemorate those who have served in foreign wars, but we also need to remember the large number of Maori and Pakeha who lost their lives in wars fought here, and I don't think we do that very well at the moment".

While admitting that some teachers do great work in educating about the land wars, Mr O'Malley thinks we need guidelines around what is taught in schools when it comes to the history of conflict which helped shape the nation.

He points out that per capita, more Maori died in the New Zealand land wars than in World War I, and in the 1860's there were more British troops in New Zealand than in Britain itself.

O'Malley sees these as enormously important events which we are not remembering as a nation.

Many will hope to see this rectified when the first ever day of remembrance for the New Zealand Land Wars is held on October 28th this year.