New Zealand giving $150 million to Pacific nations to bolster climate change resilience

New Zealand's $150 million funding injection for the Pacific region's response to climate changes comes as pressure is put on Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to do more.

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Jacinda Ardern said the funding "gives assurances to our Pacific neighbours". Source: 1 NEWS

In Tuvalu for the Pacific Islands Forum Mr Morrison's Kiwi counterpart Jacinda Ardern says the $150 million funding "gives assurances to our Pacific neighbours".

"There's a big piece of work that needs to be done to deal with the change in eco-systems that come with climate change. Exotic species, pests and weeds thrive in environments that are brought about through climate change.

"We have to make sure we support the resilience of native species and food crops in those changing environments is part of what this funding goes towards."

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1 NEWS Pacific correspondent Barbara Dreaver has this August 15 report from the Pacific Island’s Forum. Source: 1 NEWS

When asked if New Zealand was doing enough in the face of climate change in the Pacific, Ms Ardern said what the Pacific Islands was seeking "is what New Zealand is seeking".

"I will be utterly consistent in the support I hope to have shown the Pacific."

On if she would push Australia to do more to combat climate change, Ms Ardern said: "I'm willing to continue to maintain New Zealand's position, regardless of the position of any nation".

"That will not change our position, we need to be consistent."

Yesterday, Ms Ardern said that "Australia has to answer to the Pacific", as Pacific Island leaders called for Australia to move away from their coal-based economy. 

"Like our Pacific Island neighbours, we will continue that international call," Ms Ardern said. 

"We will continue to say that New Zealand will do its bit and we have an expectation everyone else will as well. We have to. Every single little bit matters, and so that is why New Zealand has joined that international call."

"Issues around Australia's domestic policy is issues for Australia.

"We all have to take responsibility ourselves. Australia has to answer to the Pacific, it is a matter for them.

New Zealand's $150 million package will support climate hazard mapping and risk planning, infrastructure to manage droughts, floods and coastal inundation and to help decrease invasive species that threaten food supply.