New Zealand First MP who was kicked out of Tauranga bar says allegations are 'politically motivated'

NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell says allegations made against him at a Tauranga bar over the weekend are "politically motivated".  

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Clayton Mitchell said a staff member at the bar "over-reacted”. Source: 1 NEWS

Security guard John Domoney claimed in a statement Mr Mitchell and a friend were acting aggressively by "grabbing shirts and trying to get a headlock on us" after forcibly being removed from a bar on Saturday night. 

"We had to use more force and hold them out the front until other security were there to help."

He also said a female bar staff member "had come out to the front of the bar in tears and upset to which I was told that Clayton had hit her on the side of the head with his drink and spilled it on her".

Mr Mitchell emphatically denied the allegations and called the claim of the drink "fake news".

Mr Domoney said they "consider ourselves to be polite professional security team which always welcomes our potential customers… The thing that has ticked me off about this whole situation is that me and my security team have been made out to be in the wrong, it's been made a big deal out of and not received an apology".

Mr Mitchell said a staff member at the bar "over-reacted and... very forcefully handled myself and a friend of mine".

"I've spoken to the owner of the business and I think they're taking measures to resolve that at their end."

"I think it's politically motivated, we know the Young Nats are in behind trying to stir something up here."

Young Nats President Sam Stead the issue “has nothing to do with us”.

“The Young Nats wouldn’t waste their time on an MP they’ve never heard of.”

Mr Mitchell said he was attempting to call the owner of the bar to "resolve this issue when I was grabbed quite forcefully by these buffoons and at the end of the day couldn't get through to him because he'd gone home but there was no fighting, we were just trying to go out quietly and calmly". 

"There was a bit of a kerfuffle and I would say a huge overreaction on behalf of security."

He did not want to make any apologies. "We expect an apology from the behaviour of security."

Speaking to media today Mr Mitchell said he took photos of the security guards - and said "yeah, sure" when asked to show the photos to media - however NZ First leader Winston Peters interrupted.

Mr Peters had said earlier in the day he had spoken to Mr Mitchell. When asked what was discussed, Mr Peters said “You’re all happy to see the video of the event if you turn up to that bar on Saturday night”.

“It will show your concerns and your alarmism is not justified in any way, shape or form.”

He had not seen the video himself, but said he knew "enough about it to be confident about it because someone I have enormous trust in has seen it".

Earlier today, Mr Mitchell blamed a "misunderstanding" for being kicked out of the Tauranga bar on Saturday night.

Clayton Mitchell. Source: Facebook/Clayton Mitchell MP

In the statement, Mr Mitchell said he subsequently spoke to the owner of the bar, who is a friend of his, and sought any CCTV footage and an account from staff of what happened. He says staff backed his version of events.