New Zealand could be in line for a shake-up over social media advertising

Kiwis are constantly bombarded with advertising and soon New Zealand's social media influencers could have to be clearer about products they're advertising.

The move comes after a change to Australia's advertising guidelines, and the Advertising Standards Authority say it will be discussing looking at a change in New Zealand.

The Kardashians and Jenners do it, New Zealand has its own Instagram celebrities and even dogs are advertising their favourite treats on social media sites.

But with so many products being put in front of us, how do we know what's an ad?

"For brands, it's another way for them to reach millennials. Lots of brands are struggling to reach millennials through traditional advertising," said expert

The Australian Association of National Advertisers has updated its code of ethics to include the guideline: "Advertising or marketing communication must be clearly distinguishable as such to the relevant audience."

That means social media influencers need to specify when they are advertising a product.

With over 130,000 Instagram followers, inspiring cancer surviver, Jess Quinn is considered a social media influencer.

"I guess it's built my brand for me, before I was Jess Quinn but now that is my brand."

She says she's not worried about stricter guidelines being brought to New Zealand.

"I choose to associate myself with brands who have a similar message that I do, or who are trying to promote a similar message," said Ms Quinn.

The Advertising Standards Authority said advertisements should be clear whatever the form and whatever medium they are on.

But specific guidelines are going to be looked at later this month.

The Advertising Standards Authority says they'll be discussing a change to their guidelines. Source: 1 NEWS

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