New Zealand apples in hot demand and growers are struggling to keep up




Growers are struggling to keep up with demand for New Zealand apples, with a record number of trees being planted for the upcoming season.

The local industry is now ranked as the world's most competitive.
Source: 1 NEWS

Despite dire predictions a few years ago the apple industry here is now as the world's most competitive with it on course to become a billion dollar exporter.

"We've doubled our apple production to what it was two years ago and moving forward we are looking at getting bigger and bigger," Marty Cooke from Le Cooke Nursery told 1 NEWS.

The only problem facing the rapidly growing industry is a shortage of workers to fill the labour gap.

"Our demand is growing, but the harvest window doesn't change so we still have to pick in a defined period," Ian Pollard from NZ Apples and Pears said.

With more than a million apple trees set to be planted this year there will be plenty of work for those keen to join this ripening industry.

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