New Zealand and Australian national flowers centrepiece of Anzac The Field of Lights exhibition




The beaches of Albany were for many Anzacs the last piece of Australian land on which they would stand.

ANZAC poppy defence soldier

ANZAC poppy defence soldier

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To mark 100 years since the end of World War I, more than 13,000 illuminated glass lights will be installed in the West Australian city by renowned English artist Bruce Munro.

The Field of Lights: Avenue of Honour exhibition will be designed to represent the national flowers of Australia and New Zealand.

The commemorations in Israel included a re-enactment of a legendary cavalry charge.
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Mr Munro recently drew acclaim for his Field of Lights display at Uluru, which has attracted 120,000 visitors since opening in 2016.

Premier Mark McGowan said it was fitting Anzac celebrations took place in Albany.

New Zealand veterans from Vietnam, East Timor, and even World War II visited the popular ANZAC exhibit in Sydney.
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"It was the last piece of Australian soil that many Anzac troops saw before departing for the battlefields," he said.

The exhibition will start in October next year and finish on Anzac Day in April 2019.

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