New York Times travel writer gives 'sophisticated' Auckland huge praise in new review

A travel piece in the US New York Times has sung the praises of Auckland, with the writer gushing about its "sophistication and expanding art scene" among other things the city has to offer.

In a piece published today titled 36 Hours in Auckland, writer Elaine Glusac outlines the time she spent in the City of Sails and provides pictures she took from her memorable trip.

Ms Glusac seemed particularly impressed with the culinary delights on offer in Auckland, saying there is "a new generation of chefs embracing native ingredients."

The New York Times writer seemed very impressed with the recent development of Britomart downtown.

"Chic cafes spill into the streets that web the Britomart district, offering convenient respite," she wrote.

According to the New York Times has a readership of 9.32 million, meaning the glowing review may see Auckland's tourist fortunes trend upwards in the near future.

Auckland Skyline Generic
Auckland Skyline Source: Getty