New water treatment system hailed as giant leap for Kiwi farms

A new water treatment process could be a game changer for New Zealand farms with its creators hoping it could save billions of litres every year.

Cleartech, created by Ravensdown, gives farmers the ability to separate waste from dairy shed runoff, allowing them to re-use the water.

With an average of 10,000 litres being recycled every milking it could mean a major difference for water use on farms and with public scrutiny at an all-time high, it's a welcome change.

"The customers asking for that, the community is asking for that, central government is asking for that. We as citizens of New Zealand want a better more sustainable country," says Mike Manning, Ravensdown's general manager of innovation and strategy.

The left over effluent can be used as a nutrient fertiliser for paddocks in summer weather.

The product is set to hit the market later this year at a cost of around $50,000

The system has a lofty goal of saving $40 billion litres of water every year. Source: 1 NEWS