New technology will let you know if your house is making you sick

Te Whare Hauora CEO Hiria Te Rangi is on a mission to introduce new technology for tenants to alert officials if their homes are making them sick.

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Health group Te Whare Hauora has introduced sensors to alert officials of damp housing conditions. Source: Te Karere

This comes after Ms Te Rangi lost her grandmother to damp housing conditions igniting her to fight for change.

"Her lungs had filled with pneumonia, the one was half full and her kidneys had stopped functioning."

"So that is one of the reasons why I’ve pushed so hard for Whare Hauora."

Every year, 1600 New Zealanders die from conditions caused by cold, damp homes and Ms Te Rangi says that the recommended temperatures differ according to age, which is why a sensor will become most beneficial.

For children and elderly, it is said the recommended temperature is 21 degrees and for healthy adults it’s 18 degrees, however most homes are sitting at an average of 14 degrees.

"We came up with another prototype, this prototype is specifically for those that may be able to get an internet connection like in marae.

"It’s also for schools and kura kaupapa and public areas like libraries and universities."

Ms Te Rangi hopes to see the Whare Hauora sensors in state homes.

By Te Karere reporter Krystal-Lee Brown.