New technology to change the lives of Kiwis who have cochlear implants

New technology will allow New Zealanders with cochlear implants to take part in some digital activities more easily, such as talking on a mobile, FaceTiming or listening to music.

The Nucleus 7 Sound Processor streams sound directly from a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a wearers Cochlear implant sound processor and has been launched today in New Zealand. 

In comparison to the previous version of the implant, the newly launched version can directly connect with Apple devices such as iPhones, rather than use additional equipment.

It's believed over 22,000 Kiwis who are living with severe hearing loss can now reach a higher level of hearing.

In New Zealand, nearly 19 per cent of the population - around 880,350 people - are estimated to have hearing loss.

Last year, hearing loss was estimated to cost the New Zealand economy $957 million, over half of this was in lost productivity. 

The Government has boosted funding for adult cochlear implants to nearly $15 million for the year, helping more Kiwis to have these operations for free. 

From today, 22,000 Kiwis with severe hearing loss will have access to technology that links their cochlear implants to the cellphones. Source: 1 NEWS