New technology aims to ease the struggle for Kiwis with colour blindness

For hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders, colour blindness is a part of everyday life, and the struggle that comes with not being able to distinguish between colours can be immense.

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Hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders struggle with colour blindness. Source: 1 NEWS

But new technology is aiming to ease the struggle and brighten up the world for those with the condition.

EnChroma glasses enable people with colour blindness to see colours more vibrantly and distinctly.

“On a normal day colours are blended and mushed together,” Kevin Sarmiento, who has the condition, explained to 1 NEWS.

But when wearing the new technology, all the colours stand on their own, he said. 

“There’s more individual colour and it just pops out," he said. 

“Red makes itself known, green is more subtle but it’s still there, while yellow is just more vibrant.”

Currently, EnChroma glasses are only available in New Zealand through NVision Eyewear on Auckland’s North Shore.

The starting price for a pair of glasses is around $520.