New research shows NZ lawyers have high chance of poor mental health




New research from the Law Society has shown that New Zealand lawyers have twice the rate of poor mental health than people in other professions.

Russell McVeagh is working towards a healthier workplace by treating staff to social activities, offering in-house massages and dieticians.
Source: 1 NEWS

They work long hours and have to deal with demanding clients, but the sector isn't just sitting idly by and letting its employees fend for themselves.

Major law firm Russell McVeagh is taking a proactive approach by treating its staff to social activities as well as visits from massage therapists and dieticians.

Human Resources Director for Russell McVeagh Lesley Elvidge told 1 NEWS "depression in the legal industry is well documented and we decided a couple of years ago we wanted to do more about that for our staff.

"We're by no means perfect and we don't hold ourselves out as being perfect but having these conversations is the start," she said.

Kathryn Beck, President of the New Zealand Law Society says, "people shouldn't feel ashamed or concerned that there's something wrong with them if they’re starting to feel like they're really struggling or rundown.

"We just want them to be able to put up their hand".

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