New refuge for Tauranga mums and kids as homelessness is not just an Auckland issue

A group giving mothers and their children security has been gifted a building in Tauranga to ensure it can keep operating, a demonstration that homelessness isn't just an Auckland problem.

Tuinga Whanau services have been gifted a building that will provide mothers and their children security and the chance to turn their lives around. Source: 1 NEWS

Te Tuinga Whanau services has been loaned a building by the Tauranga Moana Maori Trust.

Tommy Wilson of Te Tuinga Whanau says his organisation sees the effects of homelessness and domestic abuse on the frontline everyday, as women arrive for help.

"We have sunglass Mondays where they come in with sunglasses because they've usually been given the bash on Saturday. These are strong women you know the backbone to this country is strong a woman," he said.

The loaned building to become Whare Tauranga is about to provide the foundations for families to rebuild. 

One-hundred-and-forty families are on their waiting list and those staying in Whare Tauranga must be drug and alcohol free, but will also have access to social services with the aim of finding future accommodation. 

Whare Tauranga will be completed in the next two weeks when four families will move into the building and have have 10 weeks to get back up on their feet.

The Prime Minister says his government is working hard to find out what issues need to be addressed.