New Poll: Labour widens lead over National to 4 points in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll

The Labour Party has widened its lead over National to four points in the latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll out tonight, registering an approval rating of 43 per cent to National's 39 per cent.

Labour's standing at 43 per cent remains the same as the last 1 News Colmar Brunton poll one week ago, but National has dropped two points to 39 per cent.

New Zealand First is up one point to 9 per cent, while the Green Party remains on 5 per cent, meaning they would just scrape into Parliament.

The Maori Party is up one point to 2 per cent, as is The Opportunities Party. 

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has nudged higher in the preferred Prime Minister stakes, up one point to 35 per cent.

Meanwhile, National leader Bill English has dropped two points to 31 per cent as preferred Prime Minister, and New Zealand First's Winston Peters has climbed one point to 5 per cent.

Ms Ardern says she's happy with the result but realises the polls could fluctuate between now and the election.

"Yeah, no certainly pleased to see that people still are putting their support behind us but I still continue to believe that this will be an incredibly tight race," she told 1 NEWS today.

Mr English said the latest poll did not reflect what he was seeing on the campaign trail.

"It doesn't feel like that on the ground. Look this is a drag race and people are starting to look at Labour's policies," Mr English said

The latest poll result comes after the second leaders debate on Monday, which saw Mr English commit to a target to reduce child poverty and Ms Ardern promise to retaliate against Australia if it continues to take away entitlements of Kiwis living across the ditch.

The latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll was conducted between September 2-6 and included 1007 eligible voters.

The maximum sampling error is approximately 3.1 percentage points at the 95 per cent confidence level.

Political Editor Corin Dann breaks down what new poll result means for election. Source: 1 NEWS

Coroner slams handling of death of Christchurch man discharged from hospital, left abandoned at bus stop

A coroner’s inquest into the death of a Christchurch man, who was discharged from hospital and left abandoned at a bus stop, has slammed the efforts of some hospital staff and police.

47 year old Neil Jones died at Christchurch Hospital in October 2013, after a long fight with alcoholism.

His partner had taken her own life five years prior, and as his addiction worsened, his two children were taken to live with their grandparents in Nelson.

In mid-2013 Mr Jones sought help from Alcohol Addiction services, but there were no beds available at the rehabilitation program until December. A waiting time that Coroner Michael Robb has ruled as "wholly inappropriate".

On October 8, he was admitted to hospital, having not eaten for six weeks, and drinking as much as three litres of vodka a day.

After 2 weeks in hospital, his condition was said to have "stabilised" and discharge options were considered.

On October 28, nurses expressed concern over his mental health and noted he had been defecating in his own clothing.

Despite this, gastroenterologist Dr Richard Gearry, determined Mr Jones was being deliberately incontinent, and said if he didn’t leave the hospital, security would escort him off the premises.

When security was called, they also expressed concern over Mr Jones apparent poor health, before taking him to a nearby bus stop where he lay on the ground.

That afternoon after multiple members of public raised concerns, he was taken to the hospital’s Emergency Department.

But instead of providing a medical examination, police were called to remove him from the hospital and he was taken to the city mission.

Coroner Robb says there were multiple opportunities for someone to have provided Mr Jones with a medical assessment, and any policy to ensure that happened, failed.

He says police undertook limited, if any, investigation of the circumstance, and their actions did not “represent initiative and good policing”.

City Mission staff reluctantly took Mr Jones’ in but within hours, he was vomiting blood and an ambulance was called to take him back to hospital.

The father of two died at 7am the following morning.

The Canterbury District Health Board says trespassing patients is now extremely rare, and they’ve implemented a programme to encourage nurses to raise any concerns they have.

Dr Gearry has accepted, that upon reflection, it was not in Mr Jones’ best interests to be discharged when he was.

Christchurch Hospital Source: 1 NEWS


Corin Dann to moderate Friday's 1 NEWS Multi Party debate with Mike Hosking sick

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann is to step in as moderator for tomorrow night's Multi Party debate.

TVNZ's Head of News and Current Affairs John Gillespie says due to illness Mike Hosking will not be hosting.

"Viewers will know Mike's been off our screens since Wednesday. Unfortunately, he's too unwell to present Friday's debate," Gillespie said in a statement tonight.

Corin Dann will do a great job as moderator, Gillespie said. 

"He's energised to be stepping up for our Multi Party debate. He's hosted a number of debates on Q + A and is absolutely plugged into this Election. We're looking forward to bringing viewers a robust and informative debate," he said.

With a little over two weeks until polling day, Gillespie says there's high viewer engagement in political coverage.

"It's really pleasing to see how viewers are responding and really engaged in our coverage across all screens. Big news events are always a massive drawcard for our audiences and we're seeing that this Election across our 1 NEWS and current affairs as the campaign intensifies. 

"Viewers look to us and that's something we’ll never take that for granted."

The 90 minute 1 NEWS Vote 17 Multi Party Debate brings together the potential coalition partners of the major parties.

Live from 7pm, Friday 8 September on TVNZ 1, and live streamed on 1 NEWS NOW, Re:, Facebook and YouTube and simulcast on Newstalk ZB. 

1 NEWS political editor Corin Dann Source: 1 NEWS