New online Kiwisaver tool designed to help with investment decisions launches today

A free online tool launches today for KiwiSaver members to see exactly what their money is invested in and if it's ethical.

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CFFC’s Tom Hartmann discussed the new tool on TVNZ1’s Breakfast today. Source: Breakfast

The tool will also make it easier for New Zealanders to decide where to invest their money.

The tool "smart investor" on the website will help create better transparency in the financial sector.

The categories on the "smart investor" include KiwiSaver, managed funds, share and bond offers.

CFFC's Tom Hartmann told TVNZ1’s Breakfast this is the first time they have been able to do this.

"It’s a great tool to compare your KiwiSaver funds to give it some context to see how it’s doing among its peers and to see exactly where your money is flowing into."

He also says it is helpful if you’re looking to grow your money overtime.

"You can really make sharp decisions about what’s the right place for you.

"With manage funds, if you’re investing beyond KiwiSaver or if you’re looking to pump up your KiwiSaver funds you can make a good choice by making a good comparison… …we’re able to unpack every single investment that’s underlying in your KiwiSaver fund."