New National leader Todd Muller says he's 'not interested in opposition for opposition's sake'

New National leader Todd Muller says his leadership style is about "ideas that get results" rather than "opposition for opposition's sake" after ousting Simon Bridges in a coup today. 

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The Bay of Plenty MP took over this afternoon after ousting Simon Bridges as National’s leader. Source: 1 NEWS

"Who is Todd Muller? I'm a dad, I've got three kids, I'm a Bay of Plenty boy, I'm a Te Puna boy, I come from the kiwifruit-rural heartland of New Zealand, my first school I was the only Pākehā boy in a Māori convent."

Mr Muller's victory came after an emergency caucus meeting today, where MPs were brought back to Wellington to make the vote. Shortly after, Mr Bridges tweeted a picture of himself with his wife and daughter saying, "More time for the most important job I have. Thank you New Zealand."

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Today’s coup came after disastrous results for the party. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Muller said his leadership style was "about what's best for you and your family, not what's wrong with the Government, I'm not interested in opposition for opposition's sake". 

"We're all tired of that kind of politics, I'm about ideas that get results. I'm proud of working across Parliament on the Zero Carbon Act, and where I have the opportunities to work with other parties for our country's good, I will do so. 

"Will I criticise the Government? Absolutely. But, ultimately values and ideas are what ground me."

Interestingly, the party's finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith was also standing next to Mr Muller during his first speech as leader - Mr Goldsmith only hours earlier had made it clear to reporters he had "always been a supporter of Simon".

Mr Goldsmith will be keeping his finance portfolio, Mr Muller said. 

When asked about former deputy leader Paula Bennett's role as National's campaign chair, Mr Muller said he would have "those conversations with her in the foreseeable future". 

Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye will be taking over as National's deputy leader. 

Mr Muller said the feeling in the National Party caucus room was "incredibly positive" after the vote. 

"Nikki and I, and our team understand the task for the next Government is immense. We are honoured by the opportunity to lead this great party."

He thanked Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett. 

"Simon has worked hard as leader and given his all, and the caucus for his service. Both he and Paula have served the party and our country well."

He said election 2020 would be about the economy after the Covid-19 crisis - "but not the economy the bureaucracy talks about, it'll be the economy you live in."

"In the past few months, our country has made many sacrifices, you have made many sacrifices, you have put a lot on the line to get us through this crisis. 

"Now, we must begin taking another step forward together with confidence, the confidence to rebuild our country, to rebuild our economy and to restore the livelihoods of New Zealanders."

Last night, National saw drop to its lowest party support since 2003, plunging 17 percentage points to 29 per cent in the 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton Poll.

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The poll result heaps pressure on Simon Bridges with MPs set to decide if he stays as National leader. Source: 1 NEWS