New mum reunites with St John operator who talked her through unexpected home birth

Most expecting women have a birth plan sorted, but sometimes the baby won't wait for you to bring it into action.

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Kate wasn’t originally planning on a homebirth, but baby Mabel had a different idea. Source: Seven Sharp

That's what happened to new mum Kate Bird, whose baby arrived while she was on the phone to a rather special St John Ambulance operator.

Bird's birth plan was in-depth - and didn't involve a home birth.

"As a NICU nurse, that was my worst nightmare," she told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

But that's what she got. After feeling some niggles, she called her mum and asked her to come over.

When Jo Barry arrived, it was full speed ahead.

"So I came in and Kate was down here [on the ottoman] ... and I could see, 'Oh my God, this is pretty full-on,'" she says.

It was game-on. Dad Regan got home, greeted by "quite a scene", and with contractions a minute long and a minute apart, they tried to head to hospital.

"I was like, 'Nah, I can feel her head, we're not going in the car,'" Kate says.

They called an ambulance, and that's where Trinity Ene comes in.

The voice at the end of the phone walked the family through the birth and helped keep them all calm as baby Mabel was born.

Yesterday the family reunited with the St John operator who helped them through it.

Watch the video for the full Seven Sharp report.