New MetService features provide suburban weather conditions

A new feature on the MetService website is providing real time weather conditions using data taken from backyards across the country.

The feature assists users in seeing what the weather is like in their suburb, even their own street.

'Your Weather' uses data from private weather stations in homes and on farms around New Zealand.

It sits alongside official observations to create a snapshot of local conditions, including wind speed and direction, rainfall and humidity.

"Viewers of your weather can look at their stations alongside ours and see how the wind and temperature at their place compares with what's happening in the official network and it can vary quite a lot," says MetService's Tony Quayle.

James Ferguson has hooked up his home weather station in Upper Hutt to the site.

"It's good to know what's going on in my little bit of dirt in New Zealand but also it's nice to know what's going on around the rest of the city," says Mr Fergusson.

The feature is particularly useful in a hilly city like Wellington which has a number of microclimates.

"Bit of competition. There's another guy that's got one just north of here and we've been warmer today than he has," says Mr Ferguson.

New feature on Metservice website provides real time weather conditions Source: 1 NEWS