New-look NZ flag makes sailing debut

Kiwi 49er sailors Peter Burling and Blair Tuke both sported the country's new possible flag design as well as the original design during their training yesterday.

Until the final flag design is confirmed both flag designs need to be tested and up to scratch ahead of the Rio Olympics. Source: 1 NEWS

NZ Yachting high performance director Jez Fanstone said the sailors need to test both ahead of the Rio Olympics.

"It's got to happen the boys have got to know that what they are going to use at the Olympics is going to be up to scratch and we don't know what the flag is going to be," said Fanstone.

"So we have to have both of them and we have to test both of them."

The four-time world champions had mixed views about the issue.

"For me I quite like the new flag but it's something for our country to decide," said Burling.

"I really like the way they are doing it and getting everyone to vote and make a decision and see how the majority wins."

His teammate Tuke wasn't quite as confident in revealing his personal preference.

"I would rather keep my personal opinion to myself or put it on the voting paper.

"But maybe I will tell you in a couple of weeks, see which one is fastest and see which one is going to help us win a gold medal in Rio."