New law sees victims of domestic violence given 10 days paid leave from work

Parliament has passed a bill that will see victims of domestic violence entitled to 10 days paid leave a year and flexible work arrangements to help deal with the impacts of violence.

A woman crying (file image). Source: Thinkstock

The Domestic Violence – Victims' Protection Bill comes into effect next April after passing into law by 63 votes to 57 today.

The Green Party's Jan Logie sponsored the bill.

"I'm beyond delighted to see this law finally become a reality," says Ms Logie. "This is a win for victims, a win for employers, and a win for society.

"This law is a world first and it will make a significant difference for people trying to escape domestic violence."

Financial insecurity is often a significant barrier to people trying to leave abusive situations Ms Logie says.

"Everyone should be able to live free from violence, but too many people find it impossible to keep their jobs while trying to move house, attend court dates, or settle the kids at a new school.

"And too many employers are unaware of the extent to which domestic violence impacts their employees and workplaces, and are unsure of how to respond. This bill gives them a framework to do the right thing for everyone – victims and themselves."

The new law will come into force on 1 April 2019.