New bunny crime fighting unit announced by Waikato District Police

The Waikato District Police have announced a new crimefighting unit as an April Fool's gag - the Tactical Bunny Unit. 

Waikato District Police's April Fool's joke - the Tactical Bunny Unit. Source: Facebook/ Waikato District Police

"These new units have been specially trained to sniff out stolen jewellery during search warrants," a post on their Facebook page said. 

"Obviously the higher quality gold and diamonds the better." 

The post was accompanied by a picture of a fluffy grey bunny in a black vest with the word 'police' on it with a leash. 

Sergeant Warren, the 'officer in charge of the Bunny Unit, said "They really have a nose for it. He keeps chewing through my phone cord though."

Unfortunately for bunny lovers everywhere, the post clarifies the joke at the end - "Just kidding; there is no Tactical Bunny Unit. Yet."