New Auckland stadium could host Commonwealth Games

Auckland’s new Mayor has wasted no time in re-igniting the city centre stadium debate.

Phil Goff told 1 News that he wants to preserve the railway land near Vector Arena for a new stadium development that could happen in the next 15 years.

Mr Goff’s been told that Eden Park will need significant remedial work in the next 15 years, and he thinks the money would be better spent on a new stadium closer to transport links.

The plan would be to host rugby, league and football in the stadium, with the possibility of hosting a Commonwealth Games in the future.

The waterfront site currently has a building height limit of 18 metres, but Mr Goff ensured a 40 metre high stadium would not block any views from the Auckland Domain and War Memorial Museum. 

He has estimated the project will cost $300 million and will be funded by a mixture of public and private investors.