New Auckland gym promises to get you fit in just 20 minutes a week - without sweating

A new gym in Auckland, which officially launches today, promises it can get you fit with just one 20 minute work out a week.

Fit20 officially opens today and you don’t need to bring your gym gear. Source: 1 NEWS

Named Fit20, the Dutch franchise has more than 120 studios globally, in the UK, US, Belgium and Qatar.

"The mission of Fit20 is to add strength to people's lives and we would like to do that in shortest amount of time possible," says managing director Catharina Flisjin.

"We don't have mirrors, we don't have loud music so we like people to train with focus and attention."

"There's no sweating because we cool the studio down to 17 degrees, so people can come in their own clothes and go back to work, basically after a workout," Ms Flisjin said.

Clients train on appointment, with a personal trainer and work through six exercises that strengthen and tone muscles.

"It's slow movements focusing on strength training which also gives you a good cardio hit as well," says trainer James Miller.

Ms Flisijn said she was initially sceptical when she came across the concept, so for those who think it's too good to be true, she understands.

"It's totally different to what we've been told in the past, that we need to train a lot and maybe for hours to get really good results.

"But this is different because we offer a very high strong impulse, and quality in this case is more than quantity."

Client Hazel James says she’s already feeling amazing, "I feel heaps stronger and it's really important in my line of work that I have that strength".

"It is really hard work but it's good cause you've got that one on one trainer to keep pushing you, so you don’t chicken out!"

Fit20 hopes to expand in New Zealand, focusing on main centres first.