New animated video series created to cut down barriers to justice system




Cutting down the barriers to justice is the aim of a series of animated videos produced by the University of Otago.


The nine videos were created by the Otago Legal Issues Centre and Auckland Community Law Centre and explain common legal terms and situations for the public.

Allie Cunninghame from the Legal Issues Centre says research has shown people have difficulty accessing information about the process of bringing or responding to a civil dispute, and thus feel at a disadvantage.

"The practice of law, particularly in the courts, also requires an understanding of technical legal language and many unwritten or hard-to-find rules of conduct and procedure," she said.

"These are significant barriers to justice in the civil system.

"We hope that the animations will help to demystify the court process, and to assist the public in understanding some of the steps in civil court disputes, and some of the terminology and rules which are used by the courts."

The nine videos include explanations of where to go to get help with a legal dispute, the different ways a person can be represented, and civil legal aid.

Future videos will explain common legal terms, the preparation, filing and serving of civil court case documents, settlement of court cases, and court costs.

Search for Legal Issues Centre on YouTube.

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