New adventure sport hitting the Southland slopes

If you're heading to Queenstown for a bit of a winter getaway it's likely you'll dabble in the old adventure sports, but now there’s a new sport on the slopes.

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The ‘snow moto’ is a classic Kiwi invention. Source: Seven Sharp

"Maybe a Harley crossed with a jet ski, something crazy like that," said Snowmoto NZ’s Hamish Goodall.

"It’s a dirt bike — you buy it with the wheels on, you take the wheels off and put the ski on the front and the track on the back and you have a snow bike," he said.

Goodall was living in Canada when he first got hooked on the sport.

"It’s one of those things that the faster you go the easier it gets," he said.

Snowmoto - a new sport on the slopes. Source: Seven Sharp

After a day out with mates, the mechanic made it his mission to get snow bikes onto Kiwi slopes.

"I used to snow board 50-60 days a season but since I’ve taken this up I’ve maybe done two days last season.

"There’s just no going back, it's like uphill snowboarding," Goodall said.

"You need to be able to ride a bike of some sort — whether it be a road bike or a dirt bike, you just need the concept of the gears, the throttle, the clutch. the rest is completely different."

For a look at the Snowmoto experience, watch the video above.