'Never a moment's regret' - Andrew Little pays tribute to Labour leader Jacinda Ardern

Senior Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Andrew Little are paying tribute to leader Jacinda Ardern and deputy Kelvin Davis, three years to the day since they took over in the roles.

Labour MP Andrew Little and leader Jacinda Ardern in a photo from the 2017 election campaign. Source: Andrew Little / Twitter

On August 1, 2017, Mr Little resigned as Labour's leader and Ms Ardern stepped up.

It came after poor polling numbers for the party ahead of the election.

Today Mr Little paid tribute to Ms Ardern, acknowledging her work as the party's leader.

"Three eventful years ago today I nominated my mate Jacinda Ardern to succeed me as leader of the mighty Labour party. The whole world can see why I've never had a moment's regret," he wrote, alongside an image of the two hugging on-stage at a Labour event.

Referencing the party's current campaign slogan, he wrote: "Proud to keep moving with you boss."

As well as supporting Ms Ardern, fellow senior MP Grant Robertson praised Mr Davis for his work as the party's deputy leader.

"A man of mana, who has wisdom and dignity that inspire. An honour to serve with this leadership team," he wrote.

In the last 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll before Mr Little's resignation as leader, the party was down to 24 per cent while National sat at 47 per cent.

The next poll, under Ms Ardern's leadership, saw the party soar to 37 per cent while National dipped slightly to 44 per cent.

This year, the National Party has struggled with its own leadership issues. Judith Collins is the latest to take the role.

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After weeks of political scandal, resignations and leadership changes, National dropped 6% compared to the last poll in June. Source: 1 NEWS

The last 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll with Simon Bridges at the head had National at 29 per cent and Labour at 59 per cent.

Under Ms Collins, the party has recovered slightly to 32 per cent to Labour's 53 per cent in the latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll this week.